Black Floor Mats

Description Paint white rectangles across floor mat, and quickly roll out a crosswalk!
Typical Dimensions Sold in rolls. Order custom dimensions to create rolls a minimum of 6 ft. wide, and long enough to span roadway.
Estimated Cost $5 / sq. ft.
Durability Demo: 1 day to 1 month installation. 

Crosswalks Choose a floor mat 6 - 10ft wide, and paint with white stripes 12 - 24 in. per stripe, with gaps of 12 - 36 in. Roll mat into place where croswalk demonstration is desired.
Bikeways East Bay Bike Coalition has similarly used heavy rubber floor mats to simulate green stretches of bike lane. For a bike lane, choose a mat at least 5 ft. wide, and up to 20 ft. long. Paint mat green, add bike lane markings and position in place as desired.

Cheap, easy to create, and re-usable.
Mat material cuts easily with strong scissors, if needed.
Choose a heavy mat material that will not blow in the wind or be easily lifted by passing cars.
Black tar paper provides a cheaper alternative.

Purchase supplies from local hardware or office supply hardware.
Purchase online at: