Custom Wood Planters

Description Large home made planters designed to create a barrier for protect- ed bike lanes, plazas, median islands, and more!
Typical Dimensions 36 in. high x 15 in. wide x 4 ft. long.  
Estimated Cost $40 / unit   
Durability Demo: 1 day to 1 month installation. 

Bikeways Center wood planters within the buffer zone along the edge of the bikeway. Typical spacing should be 8 - 20 ft. between crates, depending on the thoroughfare’s design speed / bikeway configuration. Allow a minimum of 1.5 ft. clear width for installation.
Median Islands May be used to demarcate median area where width per- mits. Place approximately 2 - 3 ft. apart. Provide a minimum 6 ft. break for crosswalk/pedestrian accessibility.
Curb Extensions Place along edge, approximately 1 planter every 6 - 8 ft., can be used to buffer mid-block curb extensions from parallel parked cars.
Plazas / Activated Alleys Use planters to define edge, every 8 - 10 ft. May also be used to provide landscaping/greenery throughout the area.
Roundabouts May be used to demarcate roundabout area, in conjunction with signs and other design elements.

Cheap and easy to build.
Assemble on site - use potted plants to set in false bottom.
Can be heavy/difficult to lift and transport.

Reclaim and repurpose shipping pallets.
Purchase supplies from local hardware store and create.