Duct Tape

Description For one-day projects, use standard white duct tape or other colors as needed.
Typical Dimensions Use minimum of 4 in. width tape for striping.
Estimated Cost $3 - $5 / 20 yard roll; $0.15-0.25/ ft.
Durability Demo: 1 day to 1 month installation. 

Bikeways Striping width recommended at 6 in. for outermost line, 4 in. for inner line (closest to curb). Recommended bike lane width is a minimum of 5 ft. Tape can also be used for intersection treatments or to stripe a bike lane buffer area, with diagonal chevron or cross hatch markings spaced every 8 - 10 ft. if buffer is 2 ft. or wider.
Pedestrian Crossings Tape can be used to create temporary crosswalks, which come in many varieties and colors. A traditional continental cross-walk should have stripes a min. of 12 in. wide, with 12 - 36 in. gaps between stripes.
Curb Extensions and Plazas Stripe outer boundary of curb extension with double white lines, 4 in. wide.
Roundabouts Use tape to stripe splitter islands and / or outer perimeter of the roundabout area using stripes at least 4 in. wide.

Sweep or powerwash street to remove dust and debris before applying.
Provides a low-cost option that is easy to source and remove.
Not reflective -- makes it a poor candidate for overnight / multi-day or week demonstration projects.
Can become slippery if wet.

Buy from local hardware store or in bulk from: www.uline.com