Description A high-performance delineator that remains exible and continues to fully rebound even after 100 hits at 60mph. 
Typical Dimensions 27 in. - 36 in. high. 
Estimated Cost $84 - $90 / per delineator. 
Durability Interim: 1 year to 5 year installation.

Bikeways Center delineator within the buffer zone along the edge of the bikeway. Typical spacing is every 8 - 20 ft, depending on the thoroughfare's design speed / bikeway configuration. Delineators can also be placed to one side or the other as site conditions dictate (such as street sweeper width or vehicle door opening). Allow a minimum of 1.5 ft. clear width for installation.
Median Islands Place approximately 2 - 3 ft. apart to demarcate median area. Provide a minimum 6 ft. break for crosswalk/pedestrian accessibility.
Curb Extensions / Plazas Place along edge of plaza or curb extension, approximately 1 post every 8 - 10 ft.
Roundabouts May be used to demarcate roundabout area, in conjunction with signs and other design elements.

Very high performance and durable delineator. Remains flexible and continues to fully rebound even after 100 hits at 60mph. Withstands slow crushing from heavy vehicles (trucks, buses, etc.).
When used alongside bikeways, consider 27 in. posts to reduce the chances of interfering with bicycle handlebars. 

Purchase from traffic control or construction equipment supplier: Pexco is one potential source