Homemade Signs

Description Use materials on hand to create homemade signs. 
Typical Dimensions Varies.
Estimated Cost $10 - $100 for supplies, depending on quantity desired.
Durability Demo: 1 day to 1 month installation 

All Projects Place signs at places of high visibility at key decision points. See section introduction for more information on what to include on your signs. Make sure to scale the text / graphics appropriately so that they may be seen by your intended audience (signs for drivers should be scaled very differently than those intended for people by foot or by bicycle.)

To attach lightweight, temporary signs to existing street furniture or other vertical elements, punch holes in signs and use zip ties or string for easy removal.
If renting traffic barricades, consider posting signs on A-frames.
Sandwich board signs are another affordable option and may be borrowed from local businesses who may support the project. 

Create or print in house, or send to local printer for large format printing.