Official Traffic Signs

Description Consult local guidelines for traffic control sign requirements, as well as signs associated with your project brand or program. 
Typical Dimensions Varies by sign type. 
Estimated Cost $25 - $200. 
Durability Demo: 1 day to 1 month installation / Pilot: 1 month to 1 year installation / Interim: 1 year to 5 year installation

All Projects Signs may be required to meet safety or design requirements for your project. For demonstration projects, consider affixing signs to A-frame traffic barricades, or movable metal post/base structures.

Bundling sign rentals with traffic control services can help reduce costs. Consider asking your traffic control vendor to rent signs at a discounted rate to act as an in-kind project sponsor.
Try to find existing poles on which to mount signs. 
Should official metal signs be hard to source from the City, coroplast signs (the same materials as the Walk-Your-City signs) works as a great, relatively low-cost alternative. 

Rent from traffic control vendor or borrow from existing City or County inventory.