Paint Roller

Description Efficiently applies paint to asphalt, concrete, or other surfaces. 
Typical Dimensions N/A 
Estimated Cost $7 - $25 (roller covers and tray sold separately) 
Durability Demo: 1 day to 1 month installation / Pilot: 1 month to 1 year installation / Interim: 1 year to 5 year installation

All Projects Can be used to prepare projects of any durability. 

Fill tray with paint, dip roller brush into tray and roll until paint is evenly distributed on roller brush. Apply paint evenly to surface. 
Use extendable rollers for street surface projects so that you may apply while standing (rather than a hand roller)
Use duct tape or clean-cut cardboard or contractor stencils to guide the application of pavement markings.
For best results, develop a consistent stroke / application method so the paint appears to be evenly distributed.

Borrow from a local hardware store or use your own.  
Purchase from a local hardware store.