Description Large, modular, interlocking plastic barriers that can be filled with water or sand to create a barrier.   
Typical Dimensions 42 in. x 72 in. x 24 in.
Estimated Cost $258 / 100 lb.; $375 / 130 lb.; or $475 / 170 lb.
Durability Interim: 1 to 5 year installation.

Bikeways Place in continuous line along edge of lane to create barrier.
Plazas May be combined with planters and other barrier elements to define the edge of a plaza. Place barriers end to end along edge of plaza area, in strategic locations as needed. Not recommended as sole or primary barrier element, due to lack of visual permeability, and aesthetic concerns.

Large item that requires a truck or other large vehicle to transport.
Hollow design makes loading/unloading easier, when compared to concrete jersey barriers.
Water needs may make these barriers inappropriate for drought climates or short-term demonstrations.
May need to space barriers intermittently to allow curbside access for emergency vehicles curbside access.

Borrow from city public works or transportation department.
Buy or rent from traffic control equipment suppliers.