Description A durable heat-applied material often used for pavement markings. Typically used for mural-like installations, such as decorative crosswalks, bike lanes, etc. 
Typical Dimensions 5 gallon bucket or 55 gallon drum. Preformed sheets size varies. Usually come in 2 ft. x 2 ft. sections.
Estimated Cost $14 - $20/sq. ft. for preform thermoplastic.
Durability Interim: 1 to 5 year installation.

Bikeways Use for bike lane or sharrow markings, per MUTCD standards. 
Pedestrian Crossings Use retro-reflective preformed thermoplastic strips for crosswalk striping and non-retroreflective colored sections for decorative crosswalks, as per FHWA guidance. Preformed thermoplastic decorative crosswalk materials shall be supplied in patterns and colors as per FHWA guidance. Preformed thermoplastic for decorative crosswalks shall contain anti-skid elements in the intermix and on the surface.
Plazas / Curb Extensions Use as a surface treatment for decorative plaza or public space element. Not recommended for full surface coverage.

Requires professional installation.
Sheets of interconnected preformed thermoplastic material are easily lifted and positioned onto an asphalt or concrete surface for application with propane heat torches or infrared heaters.
Heat application typically required to set; not easily removed.
Moderate degree of flexibility in color and design, though installation cost will vary based on design complexity including intricacy of design chosen, number of non-primary colors chosen, time required to install, etc.

Pavement product retailers such as Ennis Flint.