Description Shipping Pallets are wooden or plastic platforms that are relatively light, durable, and movable.
Typical Dimensions 48 in. x 40 in. is a common size. Pallets are available as small as 24 in. x 24 in. or 48 in. x 48 in. or larger.
Estimated Cost Free or approximately $1.70/pallet.
Durability Demo: 1 day to 1 month installation / Pilot: 1 month to 1 year installation.


Curb Extensions / Plazas / Activated Alleys Use wood pallets to build street furniture such as benches, planters, bike parking, and more. May also be used to create gateway elements, public space barriers or parklets.


Paint or stain the wood to enhance the visual appeal.
Look for opportunities to borrow or use recycled pallets from warehouses and/or big-box stores that sell nontoxic hard goods, which will increase your chance of finding clean and sturdy pallets.
For some projects you will want pallets of a uniform size, so bring your tape measure or be prepared to find multiple pallet sources to meet your needs.
For safety purposes, look for pallets with a “HT” (Heat treated) stamp on the side, not “MB” (chemically treated with methyl bromide).

Reclaim from industrial parks, construction sites, or big box businesses.