Sod (Live Grass)

Description Easy, cheap solution to creating a comfortable and visible green surface.  
Typical Dimensions Varied. Purchase as rolls or pallets, with the smallest amount being 10 sq. ft. 
Estimated Cost $0.25 / square foot of sod
Durability Demo: 1 day to 1 month installation / Pilot: 1 month to 1 year installation

Plazas/Pocket Parks Use to create a natural, soft green surface for demonstration parklets, plazas, and pocket parks.

Installation can be messy. Bring a broom or other method of sweeping up loose soil. 
Real grass is aesthetically pleasing and very inviting for users. It is an ideal material for projects that seek to invite people to lounge, play, and linger. 
Sod is somewhat delicate and is not ideal for long-term use in areas with high levels of foot traffic.
Identify a steward to water the sod (fire department, neighbor, local business, public works department, parks department, etc.). 

Borrow or seek turf donations from local landscape vendors for very short-term demonstration projects.  
Purchase from a local gardening supply, turf, or hardware store.