Description Temporary spray marking chalk that comes in a wide variety of colors.
Typical Dimensions 15 oz. can may cover up to 600 - 800 linear ft. using a striper, or up to 25 square feet of space.
Estimated Cost $5 - $15 per 15 oz. can
Durability Demo: 1 day to 1 month installation / Pilot: 1 month to 1 year installation

Bikeways Consult the MUTCD and FHWA for exact pavement marking design and dimensions. Markings should be placed in the center of the bike lane. For shared lane markings, position sharrow a minimum of 4 ft. from the curb in areas with no parking, or a minimum of 11 ft. from the curb where curbside parking is present. To get long, consistent straight lines, use an athletic field striper to apply spray chalk. May also be used for any or all other types of pavement markings (striping, colored surfaces etc.).

Will endure for days, weeks, or even several months, depending on quality of the chalk / paint and the climate / weather conditions during installation and post installation. Without regular precipitation, may require a pressure washer when removal is required. Opt for traffic tape if ease of removal is a true concern.
If ordered online, rush orders are typically not available because cans are pressurized and must be ground shipped.
The chalk color pigments will wash away faster on non-porous surfaces like glass or metal, but can be finished and sealed with spray varnish to create longer lasting effects. 
Limit environmental impact by purchasing non-toxic, eco-friendly brands.

Purchase from local hardware, craft, or athletic supply stores.