Tire Planters

Description Used tires can be stacked and planted to create planters or other barrier elements.
Typical Dimensions 15 / 17 in. diameter x 6 / 8 in. height (per tire).  
Estimated Cost Donated / borrowed / reclaimed.   
Durability Demo: 1 day to 1 month installation. 

Median Islands May be used to demarcate median area where width per- mits. Place approximately 2 - 3 ft. apart. Provide a minimum 6 ft. break for crosswalk / pedestrian accessibility.
Curb Extensions Place along edge, approximately 1 planter every 8 - 10 ft.
Plazas / Activated Alleys Place planters along edge to define edge, every 8 - 10 feet. May also be used as landscaping/greenery throughout the area. Tires may also be used as seating for a public plaza or park context.
Roundabouts May be used to demarcate roundabout area, in conjunction with signs and other visual cues.

Pile at least two tires high to give physical sense of barrier / protection from traffic. 
Paint to improve aesthetics.
Easy to source: Low-cost, recycled tires can be found for donation.
Relatively easy to stack / store and move (just roll them in place!)

Borrow / reclaim from auto-repair shop, filling station, junk yard, etc.