Wooden Crate Planter

Description Lightweight, stackable wooden crate of various sizes which can be used as a planter.
Typical Dimensions 21” long x 14.5” wide x 9” high.  
Estimated Cost $9 - 15 / unit.  
Durability Demo: 1 day to 1 month installation. 

Bikeways Center wooden crates within the buffer zone along the edge of the bikeway. Typical spacing should be 8 - 20 ft. between crates, depending on the thoroughfare’s configuration / design speed. Allow a minimum of 1.5 ft. clear width for installation.
Median Islands Place approximately 2 - 3 ft. apart to demarcate median area. Provide a minimum 6 ft. break for crosswalk / pedestrian accessibility.
Curb Extensions Place along edge, approximately 1 crate every 5 ft.
Plazas / Activated Alleys Place planters along edge, every 8 - 10 ft. May also be used as landscaping / greenery throughout the area.
Roundabouts May be used to demarcate roundabout area, in conjunction with signs and other design elements.

Light and reusable, but appropriate for only very short-term project use.
Easy to ship, but come in large cardboard boxes so make sure you have plenty of storage space.
Can be easily branded. 

Buy from hardware, department, or craft stores (Purchase online for large quantities).
Construct from reclaimed shipping pallets or other wood sources.