Description Synthetic grass sold in rolls. Typically used to add greenery to a project.
Typical Dimensions Sold in rolls, can be cut to desired dimensions.
Estimated Cost $25 - $35 for 4 ft. x 6 ft. astro turf segment, reusable once purchased.
Durability Demo: 1 day to 1 month installation



Bikeways Cut astro turf into strips wide enough to fill buffer area (typically min. 3 ft. wide), and use it to visually enhance the barrier.
Curb Extensions and Plazas Use to create a temporary visual green surface for curb extensions, or as a soft surface for parklets and plaza events.


Leaving unattended overnight may result in theft; Appropriate for very short-term (one-day) demonstrations unless a project has been identified to roll up and roll out the turf on a daily basis.
Beware of windy conditions, as turf does not adhere to roadway surface.


Purchase from gardening supply or hardware store.