Concrete Buttons

Description Often used as barrier near light rail tracks, these low, mountable buttons can be used to achieve a curb-like barrier effect for curb extensions and plazas
Typical Dimensions Varies. Can be 3 in. or 5 in. high, and up to 1 ft. wide.
Estimated Cost $12 / 3” unit; $15 / 6” unit (assumes bulk order).
Durability Pilot: 1 month to 1 year installation / Interim: 1 year to 5 year installation. 

Curb Extensions and Plazas May be combined with planters or other barrier elements to define the edge of a plaza or curb extension. Affix to pavement using chemical adhesives such as epoxy.

Note that installation / adhesive set time will be impacted by weather and temperature. Buttons should be allowed to fully set before sustaining any impact.
Durable and mountable for emergency vehicles, city service vehicles, etc.
Minimal / no stormwater obstruction.
Low visual profile may lead to a decreased safety perception for people walking and biking (compared to vertical delineators, posts etc.)

Purchase from traffic control or construction equipment suppliers.