Three and a half years after the release of the first volume of Tactical Urbanism open-source guide, CoDesign Studio researched and wrote the fourth volume for the Australian and New Zealand context with the Street Plans Collaborative.

Drawing from a selection of examples from the previous volumes, it juxtaposes Top Down and Bottom Up approaches in city-shaping as well as provides insight on the risks and next steps for Tactical Urbanism.

Volume 4 includes additional case studies including: Street Makeover, Local Economic Renewal, Road Repair, Co-trading, Open Space Making, Placeholders, Knowledge Exchange, Visual Catalyst, and Urban Games.

  • Collaborators: CoDesign Studio, The Street Plans Collaborative
  • Tacticians: Lucinda Hartley, Mike Lydon, Matt Budahazy, Nicholas Monisse, Melissa Yee, Alex Mengel, Katie Wallace
  • Year Published: 2014
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